Faculty and Staff Moving

Faculty and Staff Moving Policy

Department heads may authorize payment of moving expenses for new faculty and staff members from departmental funds if they are available and have been prioritized for such use by the dean or vice president. Refer to the Move Policy in the Operations Manual (Part V, Chapter 11.10b) for complete information.

 Moving Company

The University has an agreement for moving services with The Beltmann Relocation Group.   Please contact them at 800-859-4440 or BeltmannMoves@Beltmann.com to arrange for an estimate.  Be sure to mention that you will be joining The University of Iowa.

 Any moving contract you sign will be between you and the moving company.  If you would prefer to use another moving company or have any additional questions, please call the moving coordinator, Cindy Schneider (UI-employee-moves@uiowa.edu), (319) 335‑2207, directly and discuss your options.

We hope your move goes smoothly.

Moving Authorization Form

The Department may print the following form, complete, and send to the Purchasing Department by email (UI-empolyee-moves@uiowa.edu) or 202 Plaza Centre One; to authorize payment of moving expenses.  Please note that if the rank of appointment is below level 5 or assistant professor a justification must be completed by the department chair and approved by the business manager prior to offering an allowance.

Moving Yourself

SELF MOVE your way to go?

If you’re planning to move yourself, we offer a few helpful tips in order to be reimbursed your allotted amount.

Complete documentation is required for reimbursement.