Purchasing Agent - Andy Lane 335-1207
Category Code - 99990005

Services: Damage Assessment and Appraisal: Loss Stabilization/Mitigation: Restoration Project Planning and Management: Controlled Demolition of Damaged Structures: Recovery of contents using methods most appropriate methods, Library collection evacuation, Pack out, Removal, and Storage Contents in Environmentally Controlled Locations; Cleaning, Salvage, Debris Removal, Recover, and Restoration of Building Structures, Contents, Ancillary Hardware and Fixtures: HVAC Cleaning and Restoration: Odor Control and Removal for Contents and Facilities; Fungi/Mold/Bacteria Assessment, Stabilization, and Remediation: building restoration (floors, ceilings, walls, etc).

Disaster: Flood, energy disruption, hail storm, ice/snow, structural failure, tornado, windstorm, etc.

ServiceMaster By Rice

Vendor Number 0000617935
Sales Representative Austin Rice
Email arice@smbyrice.com
Phone Number 515-274-9109
Contract # 16937, RFP# 15544
Term of Contract through 1/31/2020 with 3 additional 1 year extensions
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description Discuss with Purchasing Agent for details.
Frequent Asked Questions

Once service is needed, here are the list of standard questions that are asked on disaster calls:

  • Customer name
  • Building name
  • The full address
  • The source of the loss
  • The date of the loss
  • The number of rooms affected
  • The type of flooring affected
  • Name of the contact person
  • Phone number



Vendor Number 0000639859
Sales Representatives Michele Presley,  Brian Meyer
Email michele@servpro.me,  brian@SERVPRO.me
Phone Number 319-338-8550
Contract # 16938, RFP#15544
Term of Contract through 1/1/2020 with 3 additional 1 year extensions
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description  
Request for Service Questions

Initial service requests to be initiated by calling SERVPRO primary office number:  319-338-8550

Knowing key information before you call, will assist SERVPRO team when responding to the situation. Remember, you are the first set of eyes on the situation. Below are questions that may be asked when requesting service of the SERVPRO team. Knowing all this information is not required, but very helpful.

  • Building name affected (not just building abbreviation code letters)
  • Building address
  • Where can service vehicles pull up to the building to unload equipment for initial service?
  • What type of loss is this: water, fire, biohazard, mold, etc.?
  • What is the source of the loss?
  • Has the source been repaired?
  • Is there standing water and what is the approximate depth of that standing water?
  • What rooms are affected/how many sq feet is affected/how many floors are affected?
  • What type of flooring is within these areas and if there is carpet, is there pad under the carpet or glued down?
  • Are any contents affected?
  • Are there contents within this area that would need to be moved to provide service?
  • What type of ceiling material is in the affected area and is it affected as well?
  • For fire or biohazard jobs, has the scene been released?