Effective August 1, 2018, vehicles rented for personal use through National or Enterprise will no longer receive damage waiver coverage or third party liability coverage.

No changes were made to University-related business travel.  University business travelers should continue to utilize the National and Enterprise Car Rental portal below for reservations to ensure contract rates and coverages are applied.  

Rental companies may ask for a billing number. The University of Iowa does not use a billing number for rental needs.

For any questions regarding this change or the car rental program please contact the Purchasing Agent, Andy Lane at 319-335-1207 or andy-lane@uiowa.edu

Under both programs...

  • Free unlimited mileage are included with rentals at no additional charge.  (Some restrictions apply-see Rates and Benefits and Exclusions/Prohibited Uses below for complete details).
  • Contract is valid through June 30, 2021 with three (3) optional one (1) year extensions.

Clicking the logos below will automatically apply discounts and insurance coverage, the guide below can be used when making your selection of which car rental agency to use.  


Click here to reserve an Enterprise Car

National/Enterprise Guide

International Car Rental Changes with the National Contract

As of August 18, 2013 National Car Rental’s alliance with Europcar and the National brand in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA, managed by Premier First) expired. The new brand for international rentals is Drive Alliance which includes more than 8,200 rental car locations. This network will include service partnerships between Enterprise Worldwide and National in several territories such as North and South America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

When reserving a vehicle in Europe, staff will need to use the Enterprise link. In locations where Enterprise does not operate or where the University’s discount cannot be applied to the rental, travelers should use National/Enterprise off-contract or another car rental agency. When doing so, the traveler should purchase basic liability insurance and Loss or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW or LDW) with the rental. Reimbursement of these expenses is allowed by University policy in this situations.

*Travelers will need to be aware when using the National or Enterprise links for international destinations with searches resulting in no availability, does not always mean there are no cars available. It may be a circumstance where the contract does not apply and the contract number will need to be deleted or another car company selected. Enterprise hopes to offer more destinations early next year as more negotiations take place.

Details to be aware of...

Eligible Renters

Eligible Renters are defined as follows:

  • Faculty and Staff on University related business
  • Spouse over the age of 21 (permanently living in the same household) of Faculty or staff. This includes spouse regardless of whether he/she has the same last name, common law spouse and same gender domestic partners.  These rentals no longer include damage waiver coverage or third party liability coverage for rentals in the United States.
  • Consultants and Contractors on University business whose car rental expenses are reimbursed or otherwise paid for the by the University.
    • Consultant is defined as any individual (i) who has been retained by the University to provide expert or professional advice at the direction of, and for and on behalf of the Participant n; (ii) whose work during the time of their car rental is directly related to or for the benefit of the University; and (iii) whose car rental expenses are reimbursed or otherwise paid for by the University
    • Contractor is defined as any individual (i) who has been retained by the University to furnish materials or perform services for the University at a specified price; (ii) whose work during the time of their car rental is directly related to or for the benefit of the University; and (iii) whose car rental expenses are reimbursed or otherwise paid for by the University
  • Students on University business in the  United States only (restricted to rentals of Economy, Compact, Midsize/Intermediate, Standard, Full size, Minivan and Intermediate/Midsize/Standard SUV vehicle classes).
Eligible renters for Business Use Employees, Contractors and Consultants. Students on University business with written authorization from the University.
Eligible renters for Non-Business Use                                    Employees, immediate family members of employees (residing in same household), Students age 21 and older, Alumni Organizations, Student Organizations or Clubs, Intramural Organizations or Clubs, Retirees.


Prohibited Uses and Insurance Exclusions

 In the event of any loss, National Car Rental insurance coverage is primary unless the vehicle was used by or for any of the following:

  • By a driver who is not an authorized driver
  • By any driver under the influence of intoxicants, drugs, or any other substance know to impair driving ability
  • For any illegal purpose
  • By anyone who gives a false name, address age or other false or misleading information
  • In any abusive or reckless manner or if convicted of careless driving
  • To tow or push anything
  • In any race, contest or training activity
  • On unpaved roads
  • Leaving the car rental vehicle and failing to remove the keys and the car rental is stolen
  • For any use in Mexico without the prior written permission of the renting location. All protection is void in Mexico. Your written permission must be purchased before entering Mexico

In the event of a loss, while on business the University’s self insurance would apply in excess above National’s coverage. In the event of loss during a personal rental the traveler’s personal automobile insurance may be excess above National Car Rental.  Prior to renting and using the vehicle for personal use the traveler should contact their personal automobile insurance carrier and determine if their personal automobile coverage would cover all damages including loss of use of the rental vehicle.

Reporting Accidents - Rental Vehicles on Contract

In the event you are involved in an accident in a National or Enterprise vehicle rented under the University of Iowa/Big 10 contract, follow these instructions.

For more details on insurance coverage of other vehicles see:  Operations Manual Policy - Auto Insurance

International Corporate Rates and Terms

Currently, Enterprise provides specific contracted rates for select destinations. See the spreadsheets below for covered destinations and additional info.

Insurance coverage varies by destination.  Most rentals include liability and CDW—new details to follow for inclusions, exclusions and deductibles for your specific destination. 

File2017 Asia/Pacific File2017 Europe/Middle East/Africa File2017 Latin and Central America
FileAdditional Info/Terms Asia-Pacific Office spreadsheet iconAdditional Info/Terms Europe-Middle East-Africa Office spreadsheet iconAdditional Info/Terrms Latin/Central America-Caribbean


Insurance for International Destinations

When and where possible you should rent from National or Enterprise since insurance coverage is included at no additional cost for most destinations. If you must rent from another Car Rental Agency and/or no liability or Loss Damage Waiver coverage is provided, UI renters should purchase the minimum liability and LDW coverage offered. This expense will be allowed. If you choose to use another Car Rental agency when National is available it is advisable that you purchase these coverages, but this expense is not reimbursable.

All renters and additional authorized drivers must be validly licensed and must meet the age, driver, and credit requirements of the country of rental.