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The University agrees to share with the department the risk associated with the use of the Procurement Card when the following measures have been taken:
Yellow Business Book Fraud/ScamA number of departments have reported receiving invoices for Yellow Business Book publications. This is a scam; do not pay.
Promote strategic buying by using preferred suppliers.  Departments are responsible for purchases less than $5,000 by using established contracts, ensuring best price, following guidelines and ethics and act as a University of Iowa Buyer.
The Accounts Payable, Purchasing & Travel Department has developed an emergency preparedness plan in which Emergency issued Procurement Cards are identified as one of the primary vehicles for supplier payments if/when other payment options become limited.
Purchasing saves your department money Recent years savings:
Green Purchasing
... is the buying of eco-friendly products and/or purchasing from businesses that support green practices and use green materials.
Announcing the New Delegation of Signature Authority eFormThe Delegation of Signature Authority form is now available as an online form which electronically routes for review and approval. This form should be initiated by the individual requesting signature authority.