Procurement Card Policy Changes

Effective immediately, the University of Iowa Procurement Card program will have three significant policy changes.

Meal Expense in Travel Status:

UI Cardholders, who currently have travel permissions on their procurement card, will be allowed to use the procurement card to purchase meals while in travel status.

  • The following requirements as outlined in the University of Iowa Operations Manual will be enforced. Domestic Travel-Meal Guidelines
  • The traveler must only charge actual meal expenses and is limited to the daily allowance for the city traveled.
  • Expenses for alcohol are not allowed.
  • Any meal expense in excess of the daily allowance will result in payroll deduction.
  • Repeat overages of the daily allowance may result in card privilege restrictions.
  • All travel related meals must be reconciled to a trip created and approved in ProTrav.
  • If a meal is determined to be travel related and not associated to a trip, the voucher will be returned to the cardholder and/or reconciler for edits.
  • Travel receipt policy applies - receipts for individual meals are not required to be attached to the voucher, unless the purchase is $75 or greater.
  • Please contact Dani Weber with any questions related to this change in policy.

Three Year Requirement for Procurement Card Certification:

At a minimum, every 3 years, the procurement card program requires all cardholders to complete “online” procurement card training. This requirement will ensure all UI cardholders are educated about new or updated policies. Online training allows cardholders/reconcilers to satisfy this requirement at their convenience.

The date required to complete training coincides with the month and year in which the card expires.
If the certification course is not completed by the end of the month in which the card expires, purchasing privileges may be suspended until course completion.

Reminders will be sent to cardholders well in advance of card expiration to allow for adequate time for course completion. Click here for details about the available courses.

As a reminder approximately 100 cardholders whose cards are set to expire 10/31/2009 have not completed this required on-line training.

Please contact to verify your training requirement, if you need assistance, or if you have questions related to this change in policy.