Here at Detachment 255, we are committed to commissioning Cadets as officers into the United States Air Force. We have a long-standing tradition of excellence, with notable alumni like General Chuck Horner and Colonel John Boyd. To continue in this tradition, Cadets are held to a higher standard. We live by the Air Force Core Values and practice the Cadet Honor Code every day of our college lives. Air Force ROTC provides a unique experience compared to the Air Force Academy or Officer Training School. Cadets work to commission while getting a college experience. Many cadets here become involved throughout campus in other organizations, such as: Greek Life, Dance Marathon, intramurals, athletic clubs, and many more. What I'm trying to convey with all this is the following, Air Force ROTC is going to provide a college student a unique experience. This experience is going to challenge them, but will make them a better person because of it. If you are thinking about trying it, come talk to us, and we'll help you find the right path. Until then, take a look around this website, it can help to answer a lot of questions. 

Very Respectfully,

Cadet John Theulen
Det 255 Wing Commander