The UI 2020 Committee members have been very busy talking with groups across campus to learn their ideas for making the UI the best it can be in the decades ahead.  We have met with over a dozen groups, and have more meetings planned.  If you would like to schedule a time to talk with us, please visit the “Meeting Request" link on our website.  Or, you may share an idea with us directly using the “Feedback/Input” form.

We are also meeting with several national leaders in higher education.  So far we have held video conferences with Michael Crow, president of Arizona State University; and David Skorton, former president of the University of Iowa and of Cornell University, and now secretary of the Smithsonian.  We have a meeting scheduled with Rick Miller, President of Olin College.  And we have requests out to other leaders.  If you have a leader you would like us to talk to, please let us know (again, you can use the “Feedback/Input” link on our website).


The Members of the UI 2020 Committee