The Phase II 2020 Committee has held two meetings, and we are putting together our work plan for the next several months.  High on our list is to consult with the campus community about ideas for helping the UI achieve its strategic planning goals and thrive in the decades ahead.  To this end, we have already scheduled almost two dozen meetings with stakeholder groups across campus. We have also scheduled three open forums, which will be open to everyone in the university community.  Please check our web site for the dates and times of all of our meetings and forums ( 

In this listening stage of our work, we want to hear from you.  What are your ideas about how our academic structures can be improved?  How can we better address the grand challenges of the 21st century through our research, creative endeavors, curriculum, and teaching?  How can we better serve our state and its people?  We welcome all ideas, including bold proposals.

Finally, please remember that you can communicate with us via our web site.  There you can send us your ideas (via the Input/Feedback form) and/or request to meet with us (via the Meeting Request form). 


Members of the Phase II 2020 Committee