Welcome to the Progress Reports page of the Academic Organizational Structure 2020 web site.  The Phase II 2020 committee will post here regularly to keep the campus community informed of our activities.

I invite you to look through the other pages on the site, which include information about the Phase I committee and a copy of their report.  The Phase II section of the site currently includes our charge and our committee roster.  In the next few days we will post the dates and times for our meetings, and for a series of town hall meetings we will host over the coming weeks. 

Please take special note of the "Input/Feedback" link, which will allow you to send a message to the committee, and the "Meeting Requests" link, via which you may request that the committee meet with a particular group or individual.  We encourage you to make use of these communication tools.  Our charge instructs us to develop recommendations for optimizing UI’s academic organization, and the ideas that lead to our recommendations will come in large part from you, UI's faculty, staff, and students.  We need your ideas, and we urge you to think big. 

Thank you for visiting this page. We hope that you return often.


Tom Rice
Phase II chair