Charge for the Phase II UI 2020 Committee

The Phase II UI 2020 Committee will conduct a comprehensive assessment of our university structure and facilitate broad campus engagement in developing recommendations to help us optimize our academic organization. 

 In executing this charge, the committee will:

  • Build from the principles, themes, and issues identified in the Phase I 2020 Committee report and aspirations from the UI Strategic Plan
  • Ensure adequate opportunities and vehicles for the university community to provide input, including convening stakeholder groups to solicit additional ideas about how to improve our academic structure
  • Conduct an environmental scan of peer institutions, including site visits as appropriate
  • Prepare a comprehensive report that provides a menu of recommendations and implementation strategies for consideration

For this study, academic organizational structure should be defined broadly.  It certainly includes how academic units are configured, but it might also include aspects of how we organize financial resources, the curriculum, and even personnel. 

The committee report is due to the Provost early spring semester 2018.